Work-life balance: Insights from Women in Tech at Numata

In today’s fast-paced tech industry, balancing professional obligations and personal life is often challenging. With technology blurring the lines between our professional and personal lives, the challenges are even more pronounced in the tech industry. But for the women at Numata, finding a healthy work-life balance is not just an aspiration but a reality.As part of National Women’s Month, we sat with powerhouses Alexis Daubermann and Surika Groenewald. They successfully navigate the tightrope of work-life balance, challenging conventional norms and charting their own paths.

Alexis Daubermann, Cybersecurity Customer Success Coordinator for Numata, leapt from small business ownership into the cybersecurity realm with no prior tech experience and found her calling in helping others through her role as a Customer Success Coordinator. Surika Groenewald's role as Account Manager for Numata handles client relationships and project deliveries and provides expert advice, in a day’s work.

Striking Balance: Alexis' Take on Tech and Life Integration

AlexisAlexis didn’t find the tech industry; it found her. Despite having no prior IT experience, she can’t imagine herself anywhere else. She views the tech world not as a hindrance to work-life balance but as an opportunity to manage the tension between the two in one harmonious life.

An expectant mother, she notes “being present in the moment, remaining flexible when things don’t go as planned, and staying authentic to oneself” as three critical elements for maintaining this harmony. 

She draws on the metaphor of juggling “glass balls” (important, delicate matters) and “rubber balls” (less critical, resilient matters). Recognising which “balls” are which and understanding that it’s okay to drop a “rubber ball” is key. Alexis emphasises the importance of having a supportive network and being mindful of where she places “yes” or “no” resonates with many of us juggling our professional and personal commitments.

Alexis appreciates Numata’s approach to valuing employees as people first.

“When employees feel genuinely cared for, they are more likely to go above and beyond in their roles.”

She says, “This kind of support not only helps to nurture personal growth but also leads to greater productivity at work, highlighting the importance of a positive work culture.”

Turning the scales of work-life balance with Surika

SurikaSurika, an Account Manager, sees work-life balance as a dynamic concept. It’s about making conscious decisions based on immediate needs and priorities rather than seeking a perfect balance. Support systems, both at work and at home, play a critical role for Surika.

Like Alexis, she also values the significance of self-care and tries to do something every day that brings her joy. Surika acknowledges the positive impact of remote work or flexible work policies on her work-life balance. She notes that “working from home at least once a week provides a quiet, uninterrupted environment for people to concentrate and be more productive”.

Effective time management is another cornerstone for Surika, who sees time as a valuable commodity and treats it respectfully.

She echoes a sentiment many in the tech industry can relate to:

“Maintaining a work-life balance is a constant juggling act.”

The crucial aspects are to make conscious decisions, prioritise, maintain open communication, and ensure self-care.

Work-Life Balance in the Tech Industry: It's Not About Perfection

Both Alexis and Surika emphasise that balancing work and life is not about achieving a perfect balance but rather managing the tension between the two. It involves making conscious decisions, setting personal boundaries, understanding core values, and effectively managing time.

Additionally, having a support network, engaging in self-care, and finding joy in one’s work is integral to maintaining harmony. These insights from Alexis and Surika not only provide a fresh perspective on the age-old challenge of work-life balance in the tech industry but also serve as an inspiration to others navigating the same path.

Remember, the aim is not to balance the scales perfectly but to ensure they don’t tip too far on one side. As Alexis reminds us, “Work-life balance is a myth, with certain aspects of work and life inevitably falling short at times. However, it’s crucial to pick up those rubber balls and keep trying.”

So, let’s continue juggling those balls, carefully managing the “glass” and the “rubber” ones, and keep striving for harmony.

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