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Cyber risk is something that every business should be thinking about. All businesses work at least partially online today, and many have prioritised digital transformation as the world becomes more connected and digitally focused. While technology offers many wonderful benefits, it also comes with risk, which is why businesses should be implementing cybersecurity awareness training, not just as a once-off measure, but as an ongoing programme.

People, well-meaning as they may be, make mistakes and are vulnerable to things like phishing scams. Companies need to be proactive in implementing cybersecurity education about a variety of information security threats, as well as creating policies and procedures for addressing them. Importantly, cybersecurity awareness training should recognise that digital threats are continually changing. Employees must be regularly up-skilled and empowered to spot and avoid new dangers.

According to the Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR) that was prepared by the communication giant Verizon in 2022, eight of ten cases involved human error as a cause of the data breach.

The best way to combat threats is through education and expert input. Just as you wouldn’t expect someone who has never driven a car before to complete a lap around a racecourse safely, your team can’t be expected to know what cyber dangers exist or how to navigate them without being taught what to look for and how to respond.

It’s also important to get all your employees on the same page. Some might be misinformed about data security and privacy or have developed bad habits that they could be passing along. Everyone needs to know what is considered risky or acceptable in their organisation, what clues to look for that indicate threats, and how to respond when they spot something. Everyone needs to embrace cybersecurity as something that's part of their responsibility.

Cybersecurity awareness training reduces risks and incidents and helps the entire workforce to work together to protect against cyber risks. Partnering with an experienced training provider can ensure your team is equipped and your business stays safe.

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A leading cybersecurity partner should be able to offer you regular vulnerability scanning as well as run phishing tests to assess how well your team responds.

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